Receive Compensation For Your Injuries

The Law Office of Stephen R. Chesley will get you what you're entitled to

Receive Income When You Need It Most

Let personal injury expert help you handle your expenses

Whether you’re out of work due to an injury for a week or a year, your personal finances can take a huge hit. At The Law Office of Stephen R. Chesley, located in Brooklyn, NY, we know how devastating even missing one paycheck can be when you’re trying to support a family. Not to mention dealing with the added medical expenses thanks to your disability. We’ll find out what you qualify for, and apply for disability income to help you get by until you can return to work.

Our team will walk you through getting you the most money for your injury or specific situation. Your eligibility is based on your medical and work history. The Law Office of Stephen R. Chesley will research and peruse all relevant documentation to ensure that you get the money you’re entitled to while you’re forced out of the job. Keep your head above water. Reach out to The Law Office of Stephen R. Chesley to see what we can secure for you.

Get What's Deserved For Your Pain and Suffering

Work with a knowledgable personal injury attorney

Did a fall take away your ability to work? Get hurt on site at a construction job and now your income is in jeopardy? The Law Office of Stephen R. Chesley can help. We are dedicated to protecting New York Area residents from the type of negligence that leads to a serious injury. Our team will work hard, advocating on your behalf to get you the compensation you deserve for your disability. Let us assist you in filing a personal injury suit for negligence from:

Automobile accidents
Dog bites
Construction site accidents
Landlord negligence
Sports related injuries
Wrongful death suits
Premises liability
Scaffolds & ladders accidents
Medical malpractice, and any other negligence resulting in pain and suffering

The Law Office of Stephen R. Chesley strives to protect your rights as a victim while getting you the compensation you deserve. Schedule a consultation to discuss the details of your case today.

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