Construction Accident Lawyer

Construction workers are subjected to hazardous work conditions that result in serious injuries and sometimes death. These hazards can include falls from scaffolds, being struck by moving objects, falling machinery, electrocution, exposure to hazardous chemicals and injuries caused by defective or unsafe equipment.

Involved In A Workplace Accident?

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New York State enacted the Labor Law providing workers with strong protection against work place accidents. For example, if you are a construction worker who has suffered from a Personal Injury, you are entitled to receive certain prescribed benefits through Worker's Compensation. These include payment of medical bills, a weekly benefit for each week you are unable to work, and payment on a scheduled basis for a permanent injury.

Despite this, if you have been injured from hazards due to a construction site work and want to get the maximum of compensation, you need to hire an attorney who has experience with litigating Construction Accident cases.

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